John Regala confirms he’s the man who fainted in viral photo, but denies suffering a stroke

  • Actor John Regala has confirmed he is the unconscious man in the viral photo
  • However, the ‘Ang Probinsiyano’ star denied he suffered a stroke
  • He also thanked the man named ‘Toto’ who helped him
  • Regala insists he is in good shape amid concerns about his health

MANILA, Philippines – Actor John Regala has confirmed he is the man in a viral photo who was seen slumped and unconscious in a staircase outside a supermarket in Zapote, Cavite  a few days ago.

However, the ‘Ang Probinsyano’ actor denied he suffered a stroke.

Image from Bhadloy Lopez’s Facebook post

In an interview with GMA’s ‘Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho’ (KMJS), Regala said he went outside that day to buy a bottle of water.

As he was making his way outside towards the hotel where he is currently staying, the actor recalled suddenly feeling weak and dizzy, and eventually losing consciousness.

A netizen identified as Toto, immediately came to his aid, and let him drink some water. Regala regained consciousness 30 minutes later but refused to be taken to a hospital.

The actor explained he was staying at the hotel because his house is currently under renovation.

Regala denied he suffered a stroke or heart failure. He said his sugar level may have dropped because of diabetes.

Meanwhile, the actor said he is very grateful to Toto who did not leave him until he recovered.

The photo of an unconscious Regala  shared by one Bhadloy Lopez went viral on social media last February 16. However, many netizens doubted the veracity of the story since there were no confirmatory details.

Others suggested the man in the photo could only be Regala’s look-alike.

Regala, in the meantime, insists he remains strong and in good shape amid concerns about his health following the incident.