Jollibee rider gets into an accident…so Davao police delivered orders to customer

  • A netizen shared an amazing experience with Jollibee and the Davao City police
  • The delivery man supposedly had an accident on the way to her address
  • The Davao police took the initiative to deliver the food to the customer themselves
Image capture of Kristine Faith Ceniza Jov Facebook post

Surprised or even shocked, perhaps? But nevertheless, thankful for having your food on time.

A netizen shared this amazing story on Facebook in a post dated February 3. It supposedly happened in Davao City.

According to Kristine Faith Ceniza Jov, she ordered food through the Jolly delivery. Forty (40) minutes later, police showed up at her doorstep with the foods.

“Turned out the delivery driver had an accident and the police took the initiative to deliver my food,” she wrote.

The netizen also shared a screen shot of the conversation between her and the Jollibee delivery.

She was informed in a text message that the rider indeed met an accident and they were trying to find ways for her orders to reach her.

Apparently, the ordered meals were already brought by the police to her address. She also paid the cops the corresponding amount.

“Shoutout to the Davao Police for saving dinner,” she said.

Jov’s amusing story has gone viral on Facebook; earning more than 14,000 likes with over 6,000 shares.

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