Kuwaiti OFW who didn’t receive her salary for nine years speaks of ordeal

  • An OFW in Kuwait claimed to have not received her salary for the past nine years
  • She narrated her harrowing ordeal to the Kuwait Times
  • She finally escaped in August 2015 and is now with the embassy

An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who claimed to have not received any salary from her Kuwaiti employer for almost nine years has narrated her harrowing ordeal.

Nicknamed ‘Nena’ (not her real name), the OFW told Ben Garcia of the Kuwait Times she lost communication with her family back in the Philippines for nearly a decade. Her relatives even thought she was dead.

Nena is from Compostela Valley and is 35 years old.

Asked why she waited so long, working for nine years without salary, before finally attempting to escape, Nena said “she was too weak and afraid to decide for herself”.

She started working at her Kuwaiti employer in June 2005. Her monthly salary was 45 Kuwaiti Dinar.

For the next few months she took money as advanced salary so she could pay her loans back home.

In the following month, however, she was told that her salaries have been deposited in a bank.

“I never believed because I never signed any bank documents, so how come I would have a bank account,” she said. “They told me they would surrender my ATM when I finally decide to go back to the Philippines.”

“I used to ask for my salary, but they said, it’s in the bank already,” Nena added.