Look: Jollibee releases second Valentine’s ad (and it has a happier ending)

  • Second Jollibee ad shows happier ending than the first one
  • Both videos going viral on social media
  • Third video set to be released

MANILA, Philippines – If the first Jollibee ad broke your heart, this one will give you hope.

In the second installment of its #KwentongJollibeeValentineSeries, the popular fastfood chain released another Valentine-themed ad titled “Crush”. Like its forerunner, this ad is also supposed to be based on a true story.

The two-minute ad, directed by Joel Ruiz and set to the tune of Ric Segreto’s hit classic “Don’t Know What to Say”, shows the main character trying to win the girl of his dreams by giving her Burger Yums complete with sticky notes bearing encouraging words.

Unfortunately for the MC, his heart gets broken in the process as the girl eventually falls for another man. His fate is then seemingly cruelly sealed when, almost on the verge of revealing his true feelings for her after she fought with her boyfriend, the latter shows up and both of them reconcile.  They then walk away from each other, albeit with a tinge of regret and longing.

The final scene shows the girl in her alumni homecoming years later; seemingly still together with her boyfriend.

In a plot twist reminiscent of the first ad but on a happier note, it is however revealed she ends up with the main character who appears behind her bearing another Burger Yum with a sticky note. It is also shown that the two are happily married and have grandchildren.

“Para sa mga hindi nag-give up sa pag-ibig [To those who never gave up on love]”, read the ad’s last line.

The ad has gone viral since its debut; garnering more than more than 80,000 shares and over 1.4 million views on Facebook.

Jollibee is set to release the third and final ad of the trilogy titled “Date”.

Watch the kilig video here:

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