Look: OFW nurse called “selfish” by brother for not sending them money to buy a car

  • Nurse working in Canada shared hurtful message she got from brother in PH
  • She said brother called her “selfish” for not sending them money to pay for a car
  • She said she actually spent a lot for her siblings, is even paying the tuition of her brother’s child

MANILA, Philippines – Spell ungrateful.

While OFWs experience all sorts of trouble in faraway lands just to help their families back in the Philippines, one such worker apparently has to deal with a lot more than that — an excessively demanding brother.

On PESO SENSE’s Facebook page, the worker — a nurse working in Canada — shared how her older brother described her as “selfish” in a hurtful message just because she did not give him the money to pay for a car their family was planning to buy.

According to her, he wanted her to send P150,000 as downpayment for the car — a request she refused because she had her own family’s expenses to tend to.

What’s more, the nurse said she had already spent hundreds of thousands of pesos helping her siblings — including P200,000 to help out her younger brother’s business and another P55,000 to build a small grocery store.

To top it off, she also pays for the tuition of her older brother’s child amounting to P30,000 and lets them live in the house owned by her older sister but built on her land.

“I am the one who sends one of my older brother’s children to a private school with a P30,000 tuition fee…they live in Las Piñas in a house owned by my older sister but built on land I own,…then after all that I still get called selfish,” she lamented.

The worker added that she could not help but feel bad knowing that her brother is living the good life off of her hard work in Canada.

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