Mikael Daez shares his thoughts about marrying ‘sooner’ or ‘later’

  • Actor Mikael Daez shared his thoughts about marrying sooner or later
  • Daez said he is weighing the pros and cons of marrying sooner
  • Earlier, Daez revealed the real score between him and Miss World 2013 Megan Young

Actor Mikael has been weighing his thoughts about the right time to get married. Should it be sooner or should it be later?

In an article written by Rommel Gonzales of PEP, it was disclosed that Mikael shared how he weighs the pros and cons of marrying sooner vs later.

Earlier, actress Lauren Young, sister of Mikael’s long-time girlfriend Miss World 2013 Megan Young, said she is really excited to see Megan and Mikael marry each other and start a family; especially as supposedly her elder sister should be the first to walk the aisle instead of her.

In an interview, Mikael laughed at it, saying: “Huwag muna, chill muna [Not now, let’s just chill for now].”

The 29-year-old actor shared the reason why he changed his plan about getting married at the age of 25.

“Dati nga, iniisip ko na gusto ko twenty-five pa lang…. Bumaligtad na, e. Bakit? Nagkaroon ako ng kapatid na bunso na two years old. Hassle magka-baby, ang hirap,” he said.

[I used to think of getting married at 25 years old…. But it’s the other way around now. Why? My youngest brother was born. He is two years old now. I realized how hard it is to have a baby.]

He, on the other hand, also know that if he marries early, then he’d still be young when his children grow up.

“Iyon ang trade-off, dahil ipinanganak ako, ‘yung daddy ko twenty-four years old. So lumaki ako, nagba-basketball ‘yung tatay ko… so, tinitingnan natin,” he stated.

[That is the trade-off, because my dad was 24 years old when I was born, he can still play baskerball when I grew up… so we’ll see.]

Relationship with Megan

Mikael recently admitted that he and Megan have been in a relationship for more than half a decade now.

“Ano bang words ang gusto mong lumabas sa bibig ko? We’ve been together… wow, this is the first time! I’ve been with Megan Young for six years and first time kong inaamin ‘yan. Magugulat ang mga tao dahil hindi nila alam kung gaano katagal na kami. This is the first time I’m putting it on record,” he said.

[What do you want to hear from me? We’ve been together… wow, this is the first time! I’ve been with Megan Young for six years and this is the first time that I admit this. People will be surprised after finding out how  long we have been together. This is the first time I’m putting it on record.]

He also explained why they chose not to admit they are in a relationship. He said he had an on-screen partner, Andrea Torres, while Young had been in ABS-CBN until she won Miss World 2013.

“I wanted to respect her space and at the same time, parang nasanay na tayo na hindi ko na sinasabi,”  the actor added.

He, on the other hand, stressed that not admitting the real score between them was never a hindrance to show the world how happy they are together.