{Video] Mittenaere says French people don’t know much about Miss Universe; hopes to make her countrymen know what the pageant really is

With her crown, Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere is hoping to create more awareness in her country regarding what the prestigious pageant really is.

In a video posted by PEP on YouTube, Mittenaere shared that the people in France do not really know Miss Universe.

“They don’t really know Miss Universe,” she said.

Image of Christiane Martel from Wikipedia

With her victory, she hopes that the French will start watching the pageant.

“I think, this year, a lot of people will know and will watch Miss Universe. And I think, I think French people will love now and every year they will see and watch on TV Miss Universe and I think Europe will love Miss Universe, too,” she stated.

“I’m very proud to bring this crown in Europe,” she expressed.

Mittenaere is the second Miss Universe from France after Christiane Martel, who was crowned as Miss Universe 1953; the second to win Miss U after its 1952 launching.

Watch the interview with Miss France Iris Mittenaere, the newly crowned Miss Universe 2016: