MMA fighter taunts rival with dance moves, gets brutally knocked down

  • An MMA fighter gets ‘cocky’ during a fight and showed his dancing skills
  • His rival dived for the opportunity and kicked him hard in the face
  • The ‘show-off’ fighter ended up being savagely beaten

He surely won’t do it again next time.

An MMA fighter showing off his dance skills in the middle of a fight ended up being savagely beaten by his rival; proof that no one should ever get overconfident on the ring, — even if you can strut like Michael Jackson.

The amusing episode happened during an interim featherweight title fight between Joe Harding and Johan Segas at the British Challenge Mixed Martial Arts (BCMMA) event held in Colchester, England recently.

In the video, Harding and Segas were on their third and final round, throwing punches and kicks, and connecting some.

At one point, Harding stopped for a moment and offered the audience some dance moves, lowering his defenses. Unfortunately for him, it just gave Segas the opportunity to attack.

Within seconds, Segas throw a hard kick to Harding’s jaw, sending the latter to the canvass on his back. Harding was unable to recover after that.

According to MMA Junkie, Harding spent the most part of the first and second round showing off his dance skills, and apparently was still successful in connecting punches against his rival.

He was as not as lucky in the third round, however.

Needless to say, Segas was declared the winner and Harding left the ring in embarrassment, but not after an extensive medical check on his condition.

Watch the video (Due to violent scenes, viewer’s discretion is advised):