MMDA vows to investigate ‘rude’ enforcer who ‘disrespected’ commuter’s mom

  • A commuter has accused an MMDA enforcer of ‘disrespecting’ his mother
  • He said the enforcer yelled at his mother during an argument over littering violation
  • The commuter added the MMDA officer also acted as if he wanted to challenge him to a fight
  • MMDA, meanwhile, vowed to investigate the matter

MANILA, Philippines – For allegedly disrespecting an elderly commuter, a Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) environmental enforcer is facing investigation for his ‘rude’ behavior.

The enforcer has been identified by GMA News as Erwin Villar.

Villar is accused of disrespecting the mother of a commuter with whom he had an altercation over an alleged littering incident last February 15.

In a story shared by Vicente A. Alcantara III on Facebook, he said he was with his mother on the way to her checkup in Makati City. They just came off a bus at the Buendia MRT station when the MMDA enforcer accosted them for supposedly throwing away their tickets on the street.

Alcantara denied Villar’s claim, but the latter insisted for them to come and even asked for identification.

But Alcantara’s mother defended him and said they never committed the violation.

Image capture of Vicente A. Alcantara III’s Facebook post

However, Villar allegedly raised his voice at the woman and quipped: “Huwag kang makialam dito, hindi ikaw ang kinakausap ko!” [Do not interfere in this. I’m not talking to you.]

Surprised by Villar’s reaction, Alcantara maintained they did not throw their tickets. Then his mother showed the enforcer the tickets which she kept in her bag.

Supposedly embarrassed, Villar turned away from them but not before cursing the two using the ‘F’ word, to which Alcantara shot back with the same invectives.

“Tapos ‘nung nakalayo na siya itinaas niya ‘yung kamao niya na parang naghahamon ng suntukan,” the netizen narrated. [Then when he was several meters away, he raised his fist as if challenging me to a fight].

Alcantara said he managed to take Villar’s photo but the latter said he doesn’t care.

According to Celine Pialago, MMDA spokesperson, they will investigate Villar for his rude behavior and vowed that such disrespectful attitude among their enforcers is never tolerated by the management and will never go unpunished.