Pinoy sailor dies onboard ship bound for Algeria

  • A Filipino sailor dies on board a ship heading for North Africa
  • The victim was reportedly found in semi-conscious state last Sunday
  • He died later despite medical efforts by the ship’s crew

A Filipino seafarer has died on board an Algeria, North Africa-bound ship early this week; forcing the cargo vessel to divert to Bermuda island.

The Royal Gazette said in its article dated February 7, the 21-year-old unnamed Filipino crew was found in a semi-conscious state on Sunday on board the Golden Taurus which was approximately 375 nautical miles south west of the island.

The ship immediately changed course and headed for Bermuda. Unfortunately, the Filipino sailor died despite medical efforts by crew on board.

The report did not mention any other details surrounding the crew’s death

The Golden Taurus was originally heading for Oran, Algeria, in North Africa to deliver a cargo of wheat grain. It left the port of Myrtle Grove, New Orleans days earlier.

“The ship is expected in the East End this afternoon where there deceased crew member will be brought ashore,” said the Royal Gazette article.

Representatives of the shipping company is expected to arrive on the island as investigations led by local Coroner and Marine Police continues.