President Duterte is fit enough to fulfill his duty, he’s healthy as a horse, says DOH chief

  • Secretary of Health Paulyn Jean Rossell-Ubial assured that President Rodrigo Duterte is fit to work despite having illnesses
  • Duterte has migraine and Buerger’s disease
  • Ubial said Duterte is as healthy as a horse and the Cabinet members are amazed on how good his stamina is

President Rodrigo Duterte might have a couple of illnesses but he is fit enough to fulfill his duty as a head of the country and is even as healthy as a horse, Secretary of Health (SOH) Paulyn Jean Rossell-Ubial assured.

“The president is as healthy as a horse but he has problems with migraine, Buerger’s disease.  You know Buerger’s disease is a result of smoking and the President has that. I’m telling reporters that the president has health concerns. It’s bothersome but not critical,” Ubial said.

Earlier, Duterte admitted having the two aforementioned illnesses; making some people worry over his health.

The health secretary, on the other hand, shared that the Cabinet members are even amazed on how the President stays “awake and alert” even during late night meetings.

“In Cabinet meetings, we are surprised with his stamina. Four to six hours meets, he is still very much alert and awake, whereas many of the members of the cabinet were already sleepy. And then after Cabinet meetings he still has other meetings to attend to,” she said.

The SOH assured that the President is healthy and fit enough to serve the country.

“That’s the picture of health of our President he is really very healthy he has good stamina level of energy and we are really very supportive of his over all health and ability to lead this country,” Ubial added.