President Duterte calls Baste again: Go home now, your child doesn’t know you anymore

  • President Rodrigo Duterte called anew his son Sebastian “Baste” Duterte to fulfill his duties as a father; telling the latter to come home
  • The president earlier called it a “tragedy” to hear one of his grandchildren talk bitterly about their absent father
  • Baste told his dad to just “chill”

President Rodrigo Duterte once again called his son, Sebastian “Baste” Duterte, to fulfill his duties as a father.

In an article that was posted on ABS-CBN News, it was disclosed that the President has expressed anew his frustrations with Baste; telling the latter to come home for his child.

“Nasasaktan ako para sa apo ko as I have not seen the guy (Baste),” Duterte told the media.

[My heart is aching for my grandchild as I have note seen the guy.]

“Umuwi ka na kasi iyong anak mo hindi ka na kilala,” he urged his son.

[Come home because your child does not know you anymore.]

Duterte also gave his situation with Baste, his son with former wife Elizabeth Zimmerman, as an example. He said that he provided Baste with a decent education despite his split with Zimmerman.


On Thursday, February 2, the President expressed his frustrations on Baste; saying that that the latter has not been going home.

Sige lang doon kay Adarna,” he said, during his speech in Davao City. [He’s always with Adarna.]

He called it a “tragedy” to hear one of his grandchildren talk bitterly about their absent father.

“‘Sinong mahal mo? Papa mo at pati mama mo?’ (Sagot niya), ‘Mama lang.’ See, it’s a tragedy,” he shared.

[I asked, “Who do you love? Your papa and your mama?” My grandchild answers, “Mama only.” See? It’s a tragedy.]

Baste, on the other hand, posted a message for his dad on Facebook; reminding him what he told the latter last New Year.

“Chill lang Pa, bulag na mi December pa, nakalimot lang ka giingnan taka atong new year naa ta sa balay ni mama,” he said.

[Just chill, Pa, we already broke up last December. You’ve just forgotten it. I already told you last New Year. We were at Mama’s house that time.]

Watch President Rodrigo Duterte tell his child Baste to come home: