Right in the feels: Man shares own “Jollibee” story, says best friend got married to someone else

  • Man saw the viral Jollibee ad “Vow” and shared his own similar story
  • He said his “best friend” who was also his ex ended up marrying someone else
  • He is happy she married a good man, explained why people are drawn to the ad

MANILA, Philippines – As if Jollibee couldn’t hit people right in the feels with its three viral ads enough, here comes another story guaranteed to rend hearts.

On his Facebook, Martin Cervantes said he was hit hard by the Jollibee ad “Vow” because it was uncannily similar to his own life story.

The “Vow” features a man whose best friend, a girl, ends up marrying someone else. In spite of that, he promises to remain best friends with her.

In his own story, Cervantes said he knew his “best friend”, Christine, way back in 5th grade as the pair were neighbors, busmates and schoolmates. They eventually became a couple during senior year but broke up in college and parted ways.

During the latter half of the 2000s, both renewed their ties and became friends again. Then in 2014, Cervantes said he was asked by Christine to be the commentator at their wedding – a request he granted.

Cervantes then recalled how he was filled with a tinge of regret as he saw his best friend in front of the altar. At the same time, he felt happiness because he knew she was in good hands.

“I was by the mic when I finally saw her given to the man she was about to marry, I had the best view of her and then it hit me, I turned away from it and wiped a few tears, I didn’t know why that was happening. I thought I was ok, I gamely accepted the role in her wedding but I knew at that moment it was part regret but a bigger part was sincere happiness she was going to a good man who would take care of her and the rest as you know is history,” he recounted.

Confirming his status as single and saying he’s willing to wait for the right one, Cervantes explained that many people were drawn to the ad because they could relate to its message — that life is unpredictable and it’s up to people to make it what they will.

“We are not given a good life/love or bad life/love, we are just given a life, and we at most times are given love, it is truly up to us to make it GOOD or BAD,” he said.

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