#RoadRage: Netizens find Viral Peppermint advert video timely, funny and worth pondering over

At a time when road rage incidents seem to be increasing in number, this Thai advert will make you stop and think, as you smile at the exchange between two friends inside a car.

The brand has tackled a worldlwide concern – road rage – which has taken lives, caused grief and trouble to many.

The video advert, which has garnered 5.4 millions views, 115,000 shares, 3,500 comments as of posting, shows two men in a car; one of them the enraged driver who had just been crosscut by another motorist.

Losing his temper, the first man makes an attempt to get out of the car to confront the other driver. However, the second man, who appears to be his friend, stops him — as a calm attempt to cool him down.

As PeppermintField’s caption goes:

Brother Note is asking you… before going down and fighting with anyone, please take a deep breath.
#smell for consciousness #friendly to your nose

This calm friend reminds him what’s at stake, in case he gives in to his raging temper… and something totally hellish happens next. The next scenes you just got to watch.

Meanwhile, comments tells us that many find the advert meaningful and helpful; funny yet seriously driving home a huge point. What’s at stake?

“Recommended for the insane, impulsive people to calm down. Really”

“The ad is really good. Ah, love, and vision benefits. Thank you to everyone who pitches. and bringing this ad up. You are the ones who join the ride.. Stop and think.”

“Really, the focus for 2 minutes. Ask yourself. What if we did. The result will come out? Because it has both positive and negative positive is. Release the full emotions and get to do it. The negative is the consequences, we don’t know if it’s serious. Do think about the future, because one wrong may be The future…”

“Everytime you want to fight, think about this ad. Get a peppermint.”

And it sure looks like people are tagging family and friends who probably also need to be reminded of what’s at stake in case they find themselves losing their cool on the road.

Watch and take to heart its message:

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