Teen who ‘died’ from dog bite wakes up on the way to his funeral

  • A teenager who ‘died’ in India suddenly woke up while on the way to his funeral
  • He was bitten by a dog and his condition deteriorated rapidly over time
  • After the shocking ‘resurrection’, the boy was rushed back to the hospital where he is currently receiving treatment

Relatives of a teenager who supposedly died from a dog bite in Dharwad, India were shocked to see him suddenly waking up on the way to his funeral.

The 17-year-old boy, Kumar Marewad, was bitten by a stray dog a month ago. Last week he had high fever and was rushed to Dharwad Hospital. He was put on ventilator but his condition rapidly deteriorated over time.

According to The Times of India, the teen’s parents were advised by doctors he had a very slim chance of surviving and were given the options to continue the treatment or take him home.

The parents chose the last and he was taken off the ventilator.

“We had decided to take Kumar home after doctors told us his chances of survival were bleak once taken off the ventilator,” narrated his brother-in-law, Sharanappa Naikar.

Upon noticing that Kumar showed no signs of life – no movement or breathing – the family immediately arranged for the funeral; presuming the boy has died.

As he was being taken to the funeral site, which is about two kilometers away from their house, the teen suddenly woke up, moved his hands and legs, and started breathing.

The family then decided to rush him back to the hospital and was hooked to the ventilator once more.

The doctor suspected the boy suffered from an infection called meningoencephalitis; apparently caused by the dog’s rabies.

The parents, who are merely wage laborers, are now appealing for financial support so the treatment can continue until the their son recovers fully.