That’s exactly what you deserve! Female cyclist has the best revenge to a catcalling driver

  • A female cyclist was subjected to a catcalling by abusive van driver in Central London
  • She had the best revenge by tearing down the van’s side mirror
  • The entire episode was filmed by another motorist

Catcalling is defined as making a sound, noise or comment of sexual nature to a woman passing by. In short, it is a form of sexual harassment mostly directed against women.

Some countries like Belgium, Portugal, Argentina, Canada, New Zealand and the United States have existing laws against catcalling.

Just recently, Quezon City in the Philippines has passed an ordinance that penalizes catcallers or those who will be caught making disparaging remarks or stalking women with a fine of P1000 to P5000 plus jail sentence up to one year.

This viral video does not come from any of those countries. The incident happened in the United Kingdom, but should be enough to warn abusive men from all over the world that such distasteful act often has repercussions.

Take the case of this van driver who catcalled a female cyclist along Tottenham Court Road in Central London. A motorcycle rider captured the incident on his GoPro camera.

In the clip uploaded on social media, one of the men inside the van can be heard asking the woman “Alright, want my number?”

The cyclist tried to ward off the men’s advances by tapping on the van and telling them to stay away. The driver even tried to touch the woman’s shoulder, before yelling “Shut up, you old dog. You on your period?”

After the van left on the red light, the furious cyclist followed the van without the driver knowing. Then as she catches with them, the woman tore down the vehicle’s side mirror in anger and left.

The motorcyclist who filmed the entire episode briefly pulled over beside the van and taunt the catcalling men: “That’s exactly what you deserve, you sc*m!”