These videos are inspiring Moms to consider working out with their little treasures

How about working it out with your little treasures? That would be hitting two birds with one act, right?

Well, this mom with two kids looks like she’s having the time of her life and her kids are surely ecstatic over such bonding sessions with their mother.

Comments have reached more than 850 and most of them express being inspired by how fit a mother could get while still being able to look after and play with her kids.

A number of moms said all this time they have been using their children as an excuse why they can’t find the time for some workout. Moreover, it certainly looks like it’s a sure fun way to work out with your children. Future mothers, on the other hand, promised to look back at this vid when it’s their time.

Actually, just watching the vid is already heart-lifting!

Here’s the vid shared by Diply’s on their Facebook page.

Then there’s this fitness fanatic mum who has four children and she has found a truly ingenious way to keep herself fit – while including them all in her workouts — and during their regular routines each day!

On the BWMC Fitness Instagram account, Jennifer Gelman, who’s 40, shares videos on how we can inject workout — and humor — in our household chores while also incorporating certain positive values in our kids. As they say, “start ’em young!”

Watch — be inspired!

It’s Day 5, the final day, of the #BusyLivesValentine Challenge, and the theme is L??VE Your Life! If someone had told me before I had children that I would one day be the Mama of 4 boys so close in age, and that I’d be building my workouts around them and everyday moments in life, I would have laughed and thought they were crazy! My life consists of busy boys, messes, chaos, squeezing in fitness when I can, and never ending laundry! ? There are crazy moments, there are struggles, but I love it, and I wouldn’t want it any other way! ? “Of this be sure: You do not find the happy life, you make it.” ~ Thomas S. Monson ?? Go out and L??VE Your Life, chaos, mess, and all because it’s yours to live. Make the best of today and everyday! ?? Checkout my co-host @Ebonny_Fowler for her Day 5 post, then put your own spin on it! Tag us and our amazing sponsors @balinisports @thexbands @popflex_active @onzie @fsafitness @swoobfit @momtheday We can’t wait to see your posts!! ?? Tank by @momtheday and bra top & leggings by @popflex_active ??

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