Unknown remains of marine animal washes up on the shore of Dinagat Islands, terrifies residents

  • A carcass of an unknown marine creature washed up on the shore of Dinagat Islands
  • An aquaculture technologist said it could be a carcass of a sea cow
  • A museum curator said the carcass is that of a whale

The remains of a marine animal that washed up on the shore of Cagdianao in Dinagat Islands caused quite a stir among the local residents and netizens after pictures of the mysterious carcass was posted online by a social media user.

Photos of the dead “sea monster” posted on Facebook by Marjorie Cabigtingan Aboy have been shared more than 104,000 times and got over 34,000 likes.

Aboy wrote: “Ginoo ko unsa mani nga hayop oyyy? Kahadlok nba ani nila. Klasi2 nlng gyd ni sila gwas gkan sa dagat ba. Unsa gyud kahai pasabot/meaning nganung nang gwas kha ni sila ba? Ekwnai bhala sa amoa tnan Lord.”

[My God, what is this creature? So scary. All these things coming out of the sea. What could be the meaning of these appearances? We leave our fate to you, Lord.]

According to Sufenia Chua of the Cagdianao Municipal Agriculture Office, the carcass, measuring 15 feet long, could be that of a sea cow. A Curator of Mammals at Singapore’s Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, however, said that it is very likely to be a decomposing whale.

“It’s very likely a dead whale. The white strands are probably decomposing blubber and connective tissue,” Marcus Chua told GMA.