[Video] Ambulance gets slammed by a speeding passenger jeepney in Manila

  • An ambulance trying to cross an intersection was hit by a passenger jeepney
  • The incident took place in Sta. Mesa, Manila on Monday, February 20
  • The incident was captured by a motorist’s dashcam

An ambulance responding to an emergency, as shown by its flashing warning lights and blaring siren, was crossing an intersection in Sta. Mesa, Manila when it was slammed by a speeding passenger jeepney.

The incident was captured by the dashboard camera (dashcam) of motorist Wendell Tan, who uploaded the video on Facebook. Based on the date and time displayed on the video, the incident took place on Monday, February 20, at 8:09 p.m.

In the dashcam video, the ambulance was seen trying to cautiously cross the intersection. Other motorists can be seen giving way to the ambulance, but then the passenger jeepney slammed the emergency vehicle on its side.

Here’s the dashcam footage: