[Video] Huge UFO almost collides with a jet during air show in Chile

  • A video emerged online showing a huge UFO almost colliding with a fighter jet
  • The incident took place in Chile
  • Some said the “UFO” was just a bird

Footage of an unidentified flying object (UFO) passing near a fighter jet doing a series of stunts during an air show emerged online.

As per the Mirror, the video was taken during an aerobatics show by Halcones Fach, the Chilean high aerobatics squad, at Puerto Varas, Chile on February 10. In the video clip, one of the military jets was seen zooming upwards in the sky, then a disc that came out of nowhere was caught on camera as it passed just below the jet.

Hundreds of people were watching the aerial maneuver show when the incident occurred.

A certain Davisito de Zabedrovsky caught it all on film and uploaded it on YouTube. The video had already been viewed more than 101,000 times.

Some people who have seen the footage said it might be an “alien spaceship,” while others speculated that it was bird or another aircraft. Some claimed the video was faked.

Watch the footage: