[Video] Jollibee’s Valentine ad for those who love unconditionally

  • Jollibee has a special Valentine’s Day ad for those with unrequited love 
  • The ad is entitled “Vow” and is the first of a series of #KwentongJollibeeValentineSeries
  • The video has garnered over 3.5 million views in just 6 hours after it was posted on Facebook 

Jollibee has captured not only the people’s taste buds; it has also captured their hearts with this Valentine’s advertisement that will surely pull the tear glands of those with unrequited love.

“Para sa mga patuloy na nagmahal nang walang hinintay na kapalit” [For those who continue to love without waiting for anything in return] goes the message of the favorite fastfood chain’s new advertisement released via Facebook on Thursday, February 9.

The 2-minute video opens with a guy gazing at a girl as she walks down the aisle. The guy starts to narrate how he knew she’s the one the first time he saw her in a Jollibee joint.

Their story was told further in the video; depicting the guy as always being present whenever the bride needs her.

“I will never change. Mahal na mahal kita. Gusto ko ikaw ang pinakamaligaya sa lahat [I love you so much. And I want you to be the happiest of them all…”], the guy narrated as the bride reaches the altar.

“Kahit hindi naging tayo [Despite not being “US”),” he continued as the bride approaches her real groom.

Since its posting around 5:00 in the afternoon, the ad has been viewed for over 3.5 million times and has garnered around 213,000 reactions and nearing 200K shares.

And as it suggests in the caption, this is just one of the episodes of Jollibee’s #KwentongJollibeeValentineSeries, so be prepared for more “hugot” ads as Valentine’s Day comes nearer.

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