[Video] Ridiculous! Speeding car slips through closing train track barrier

  • A speeding car cheated death by crossing a train track barrier in UK
  • The heart-stopping incident has been captured on CCTV
  • Railway authorities warned the public against such dangerous stunt

A train track barrier is there for one purpose and one purpose alone — to stop vehicles and pedestrians from crossing a railway whenever a train ia approaching.

But this is probably lost on some reckless, if not stupid, drivers who choose to put their lives, and their passengers’, in danger by speeding through it; hoping to cheat a certain death.

A similar incident has been captured on a security camera at the Langley Green crossing near Oldbury in the United Kingdom.

In the footage, the barriers can be seen lowering down in anticipation of an oncoming train. Within seconds, a speeding white Citroen slipped through the hurdles, weaving between the tracks until it managed to cross.

While the daredevil driver may be lucky for his dangerous stunt, the Network Rail has condemned his irresponsible act.

“This selfish driver had callous neglect for the safety of themselves and others by ignoring the barriers and signals,” Ben Parish, route level crossing manager for Network Rail, told BBC.

The British Police has not identified the driver yet but warned that running a level crossing was a crime, and is otherwise classed as trespass. Moreover,  violators could face a  maximum sentence of six months in jail, or a fine of up to £1,000 depending on the circumstances, as per a Daily Mail Co UK story.

Also, Inspector Dave Rams of the British Transport Police has advised the public: “I’d urge people to heed this warning and not risk their lives – or those of others – for the sake of waiting just a few moments for a train to pass.”

Watch the heart-stopping video via Express And Star: