[Video] Survivor of Tanay accident: Driver apologized for broken brakes just before bus rammed into tree

  • Survivors of deadly accident recalled final moments before bus rammed into a tree
  • One student said the driver apologized to them after finding out the brakes did not work
  • Other survivors claimed sensing something was wrong with the bus before the crash

MANILA, Philippines – Survivors of the deadly bus crash in Tanay which claimed the lives of 14 college students and the driver revealed the harrowing final moments just before the accident took place.

According to one survivor, Joever Sumugat, the driver of the bus apologized to them after he found out the brakes were malfunctioning.

“Nagsisigawan na po kami kasi sabi ng bus driver nawalan daw po siya ng preno, nagsosorry siya sa amin. Sabi niya, ‘Sorry nawalan ako ng preno’ tapos nagtayuan na po kami, sigawan, tapos iba po nagdadasal,” he told GMA News.

[We were shouting because the bus driver said his brakes were not working, he was apologizing to us. He said ‘Sorry I can’t use the brakes’, then after that we stood up and shouted while some were praying.]

Other survivors said they could sense something was wrong with the bus just before the crash.

According to first year IT student Jason Cristobal, he and his peers heard an unfamiliar click when the driver tried using the brakes.

“Nagpreno po siya. ‘Pag preno po niya may tumunog po, may pumilantik na lang po kaming narinig. Bumangga na po kami sa gilid ng bundok tapos sa mga concrete barrier, tapos muntik na kaming mahulog sa bangin pero naiwas niya po,” he said.

[He stepped on the brakes. When he did, we heard something click. We hit the side of a mountain then the concrete barriers, and after that we even almost fell off the cliff but he managed to avoid that.]

Another Anthony Melgarejo, said he could smell burning rubber and feel the floor surface of the bus heating up before the accident transpired.

“Amoy sunog po na goma po talaga. Tapos ‘yung sahig po kasi ng bus ramdam na po kasi naming mainit na,” he claimed.

[It really smelled like burning rubber. Then we could feel the floor surface of the bus heating up.]