[Video] Watch Foreigners’ cute reaction to viral Jollibee Valentine’s Day ads

The series of new Jollibee commercials meant for Valentine’s Day have affected a lot of Filipinos and got thousands of weepy reactions from them. Not a few Pinoys out there cried and got their hearts broken after watching the commercials.

But it seems some foreigners did, too.

A Fil-Am man and his American wife, who maintain the Adobo Sandwich YouTube channel, said they were reminded of their first date in McDonald’s, the American equivalent of Jollibee, after watching “Vow ” – a story about a guy who watched the girl he dearly loves marry another guy.

Josh Dove got teary-eyed after watching the very touching ad titled “Date.”

Watch their reactions to the Jollibee commercials.

Gabe and Kayla Bermudez react to “Vow:”



Here’s Josh Dave’s reactions to the 3 Jollibee ads – Vow, Crush and Date:


The Dardo Project and Angelina Eonni’s reactions to the 3 new ads plus two more: