[Viral] Another ‘honest’ cabbie returns passenger’s phone… with a smile

  • A netizen shared another heartwarming story of an ‘honest’ taxi driver in Metro Manila
  • The cabbie returned the phone the passenger left in the vehicle
  • The sharer said he returned it with a smile on his face
Image from Jen Cena’s Facebook post

MANILA, Philippines – Lately, social media is abound with stories of honest, good-natured taxi drivers who seem to have restored our so-called faith in humanity, so they say.

This unnamed cabbie who returned the phone a passenger left in his vehicle certainly joins the list. Unfortunately, the passenger forgot to get his name out of ‘excitement’.

In a Facebook story narrated by netizen Jen Cena on Saturday, she said she and her friends boarded a taxi from Quezon City to Ortigas and went to Starbucks at Emerald Avenue.

It took several minutes for her friend named Sam to realize that her phone was missing.

They were wondering where they could have left the phone as several call attempts to the number were left unanswered.

Finally, on their last attempt, someone took the call – and it was the cabbie.

They were told he was in Pasong Tamo and then they requested the driver to bring the phone to where they dropped them. The sharer also promised to pay for the corresponding fare.

“We’ve waited for him na may halong pagwoworry pa din yung friend ko. Finally dumating na si kuya niwawave yung phone sa amin while nasa loob sya ng taxi nya.. and nakangiti pa sya,” Cena narrated.

[We’ve waited for him but my friend remains worried. Finally the driver came, waving the phone to us while inside the cab…and he was smiling] (Continue to next page)

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