[Viral] This man’s vicious rant against woman for taking too long at an ATM machine infuriates netizen

  • A man in Singapore is being lambasted on the internet for his vicious rant against a woman on an ATM queue
  • Apparently, the woman took too long in using the machine
  • The woman tried to stand her ground, but eventually lost the argument

It is sometimes understandable to lose patience at an ATM queue, especially when the person on the machine is taking forever to complete a transaction.

But how far should one go in dealing with this sometimes inevitable and completely irritable circumstance?

A man in Singapore, apparently, had only one way to get things his own way in as far as waiting behind an ATM line is concerned – throw a tantrum and a vicious, racist rant.

A video of this incident on Facebook has gone viral in just a few hours. It was uploaded by one Wak Ali.

The clip showed a woman on an ATM machine with a number of people waiting in line behind her.

The next man in the queue, identified in the post as Chinese although this cannot be verified, suddenly goes into meltdown after losing patience at the woman who is apparently taking too long.

First, he asked what the woman is doing and demanded that she just ‘get out’ and let other people use the machine if she does not know how to operate it.

“You’re being f*ck** inconsiderate,” he said.

The woman tried to reason out, but the man continued with his racist rants: “Where did you come from? Which country did you come from? You come to Singapore, you behave yourself!”

He also repeatedly urged the poor lady to just ‘get out’ and ‘back off’.

For a brief moment, the woman tried to stand her ground and dared the man to stop her.

Unfortunately, he was determined, and eventually won the fight.

Netizens, however, were infuriated at the man’s rude behavior and for his racist, derogatory remarks.

“There a many retards like this in Singapore. Even if she’s from another country who comes there to work and earn good, how could people treat her that way?” one commenter said.

“This dude deserve a free slapping from me…What a prick fighting with a woman just bcoz she was slow on using d ATM machine,” added another.

However, others tried to justify the man’s tantrum by saying he may have become impatient because the woman took several minutes to complete her transaction.

Watch the video: