[Viral Video] This young, hardworking ‘sakada’ girl leaves netizens in tears

“Some kids are very lucky because they don’t have to go thru this kind of life,” said one of the netizens who watched this viral video of a young girl working on a sugar cane field.

No one knows the girl’s name or where she came from.

The sharer, James Jasper, did not leave any other details on his post dated February 7, except for the caption that says:  “Kaya kayong mga kabataan ngayon epasalamat nyo kung ano meron kayo dahil yung ibang bata nag tratrabaho na yung iba di na nag aaral dahil sa hirap ng buhay.”

[That’s why you young people should be grateful for whatever you have because other kids have to work at a young age, and some of them could not even go to school.]

Nevertheless, the video has gone viral on Facebook with more than 14,300 shares and more than 2,000 reactions. The clip has been viewed more than 600,000 times since its posting.

Many netizens were touched by the girl’s plight as a young sugar cane plantation worker or commonly referred to as ‘sakada’.

She obviously belongs to a poor family, with her disheveled clothes; and her age could be no more than 5 or 6 years old.

Yet she seemed to be somehow trained to do her ‘job’ – cutting sugar canes and placing them in heaps – at such a young age.

She doesn’t seem to mind the scorching heat of the sun in the sky and probably just wanted to finish her work before going home.

But many netizens said the child does not deserve that kind of job, normally reserved only for older, able-bodied adults.

Some said she should be in school reading books with a pen in her hand, and not cutting sugar cane in fields with a bolo.

Others offered to help the girl by sending toys and gifts, while some shared her video so it could get the media attention it deserves and, hopefully, some help from kindhearted people.

Whoever this girl is, she definitely teaches everyone a lesson or two.

Life is not easy, many commenters said, but seeing her will makes you appreciate more whatever it is that you have now.

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