Wanted criminal mocked online after police shared his mug shot showing his unusually long neck

  • A wanted criminal has become the butt of jokes after the police shared his mug shot
  • Convicted drug dealer Kyle Gilmore has a neck that is longer than the average
  • Social media users mocked him for the unusual size of his neck

Netizens had a field day mocking a wanted criminal after the police shared his mug shot online.

The Sussex Police posted an appeal on a social media site offering £500 for information leading to a convicted drug dealer’s arrest. The mug shot showing Kyle Gilmore’s neck that is longer than the average brought out the comedians on social media, Mirror notes.

A netizen compared him to a giraffe, while another said he looks like E.T.; an alien character from a Steven Spielberg movie.

 “Get the chopper out, he’s bound to be grazing off some tree tops somewhere!” a Facebook user said.

Another said: “6ft tall! 1ft of that is his neck! Let’s hope he is picked up soon. Shouldn’t be too hard.”

Twenty three-year-old Kyle Gilmore was found guilty of possession of drugs with intent to supply on April 27, 2015 and sentenced to be imprisoned for two years and eight months. As mentioned in the Mirror story dated January 31, 2017, Gilmore was released on license on July 25, 2016, but the police said he breached its terms and is now wanted for return to prison.

Image from Sussex Police