Warning: This woman allegedly tried to abduct a boy in Mandaluyong

  • A netizen shared a harrowing experience about her nephew almost getting abducted by a woman in Mandaluyong
  • Fortunately, the boy’s uncle was still in the area when the incident happened
  • The suspect allegedly pretended to be ‘insane’ when she was arrested
Warning: This woman allegedly abducts a boy in Mandaluyong, then pretends to be crazy
Image from Xyza Theresse Facebook post

MANILA, Philippines – A netizen from Mandaluyong City has revealed a modus of a woman who tried to abduct her 6-year-old nephew last Tuesday, February 7.

According to a Facebook post by one Xyza Theresse, the unidentified woman snatched the boy while he was in school.

Fortunately, her brother who regularly accompanies the victim was still in the area when the alleged kidnap try took place.

“Nagulat na lang siya na may tumatangay na sa pamangkin namin, kaya hinabol niya. Kumbaga po nasalisihan,” the sharer narrated.

[He was shocked to see someone snatching my nephew, so he ran after her. He was caught unaware.]

“Nakipaghilaan sa kanya yung kidnapper tapos sinuntok siya ng brother ko sa mukha, kaya nabitawan ng kidnapper pamangkin ko, or else baka hindi na namin siya nakita,” she said.

[My brother grabbed the boy from the kidnapper and punched her in the face, so she lost grip of my nephew, or else we may never see him again.]

Image capture of Xyza Theresse Facebook post

When barangay authorities came to apprehend her, the woman allegedly pretended to be ‘crazy’; apparently in an effort to escape arrest.

The boy has been traumatized by the incident, said the sharer, and refuses to go back to school.

Meanwhile, the family of the victim is bent on filing kidnapping charges against the suspect who is now in the custody of the Mandaluyong police.

“Lets all be vigilant / aware para hindi po ito mangyari sa mga kids natin. Turuan po sana natin sila na wag sumama sa mga di nila kakilala,” she said in warning other parents.

[Let’s all be vigilant/ aware so this won’t happen to our own kids. Let us teach them to never go with a stranger.


A concerned netizen, M.S.A., informed Kicker Daily that the woman had been taken to a mental institution.

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