Watch: Adorable baby Guinea pig rides her mini toy tricycle

An adorable baby Guinea pig riding a mini toy tricycle recently went viral; getting millions of views on social media.

On Facebook, Bored Panda posted the video of the cute baby Guinea pig

Bored Panda writer Rokas L disclosed that the baby Guinea pig is named JellyBaby. She is part of the “Fuzzberta & Friends“.

“Meet JellyBaby, a tiny guinea pig that likes to consume calories and burn them on her tricycle at the same time. She is part of the crew over at ‘Fuzzberta & Friends’, an Instagram page of probably the most adorable guinea pig crew on the internet!” it was stated.

They also have a Facebook page!

As of posting, the video has generated more than 49,000 shares, over 74,000 reactions, and nearly four million views.

Watch the cute video of the baby Guinea pig while riding her mini toy tricycle: