Watch: Heartbreaking moment when a crying Syrian girl completely buried in rubble was pulled out alive

  • A girl was completely buried inside rubble in Damascus, Syria after a series of airstrike by government forces
  • She was lucky to be saved by volunteers from ‘White Helmets’
  • The girl has since been reunited with his mother but it is unclear how bad her injuries are

The Syria Civil Defence, known as the ‘White Helmets’ has shared a harrowing video showing a little girl being pulled out alive from the rubble in a ravaged neighborhood in Damascus.

The incident took place following a series of bombardment launched by Syrian government forces in Tishreen over the weekend.

In the short clip posted on Twitter, ‘White Helmets’ rescuers can be seen desperately trying to look for a crying child amid the debris of concrete.

They finally located her completely buried in the rubble, her face covered with dust and pieces of concrete, but still managed to let out a cry from beneath.

The men then started digging to expose her face and allow her to breathe some air. She was finally unearthed in a matter of minutes and was taken to her mother.

The little girl was only known as ‘Little Aya’ and her mother sought help from rescuers after not being able to find her daughter.

“Find her for me! Her name is Aya!” she said.

After the rescue, ‘Little Aya’ was rushed to the nearest medical center in the area but the extent of her injuries remains unclear.

Watch the heart-wrenching video from BBC via their Twitter:


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