Watch: Kim Domingo shares how her rude classmates are now asking her to go out with them

Kim Domingo, one of today’s most popular sexy actresses, shared that her former classmates who used to be rude to her are now asking her to go out with them.

“Ang nakakatawa pa roon, ‘yong mga nagpapalibre mga hindi ko ka-close dati. ‘Yong mga inaaway-away ako dati, ‘Uy, kita naman tayo, kain naman tayo. Manlibre ka naman, sikat ka na ngayon.’ Sabi ko, ‘Huh? Bakit dati nga inaaway-away mo ako, eh.’ Hindi ako galit. Natawa lang ako sa situation na ganoon,” she shared.

[What’s funny is that those who are asking me to treat them somewhere are the ones who were not close to me before. Those who were rude to me back then are the ones telling me, ‘Let’s eat somewhere. You should treat me, you’re very famous now.’ At the back of my mind, ‘Huh? You used to be rude to me.’ I’m not angry at them. I just find the situation funny.]

Kim Domingo became part of the discussion at Mars’, with the topic “5 kinds of people you meet at a high school reunion”. Watch:

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