Yikes: Pet python gets stuck in woman’s ear piercing

  • Woman shared picture of pet python stuck in her ear piercing
  • She tried but failed to wriggle it out, had to go to the ER for help
  • Medical personnel fortunately extracted the snake without harming it or the woman

PORTLAND, Oregon – A Portland woman got the most unlikely and unintended earring of her life after her pet ball python named Bart inadvertently managed to get itself stuck inside her ear piercing.

The woman, Ashley Glawe, posted on her Facebook account a picture of her with the snake stuck in her ear piercing and explained she was playing with it when the unfortunate incident happened.

“By far one of my craziest life moments! Went to the Emergency Room because my ball python decided to get stuck in my gauged earlobe!” she wrote.

Elaborating further, Glawe said she didn’t realize her python was slithering through her ear piercing until it was too late..

“I was holding my snake and his dumb a** saw a hole, which just so happened to be my (expletive) earlobe and thought that it would be a bright idea to attempt o make it through… It all happened SO fast that before I even knew what was going on it was already too late… Now, believe it or not I’m sitting here in the Emergency Room with Bart stuck in my (expletive) ear”, she explained.

After trying but failing to extract her pet using cooking oil, Glawe called firefighters who also tried but did not succeed in taking the snake out.

In the end, emergency medical personnel at the Portland Adventist Hospital managed to take the snake out by stretching out the piercing and using vaseline so it could wriggle out.

Glawe’s friend later told well-wishers that she and Bart are both in good condition.