22-year-old woman nabbed in drug buy-bust in Iloilo

  • A 22-year-old woman has been arrested in a drug buy-bust in Iloilo
  • Police recovered 2 sachets of suspected shabu in her possession
  • Many netizens expressed dismay and regret over her sad fate
  • Others said she is still young and should be given another chance

A 22-year-old lady, described by many netizens as a looker, was nabbed in an illegal drug operation in Iloilo province early morning Tuesday.

The woman has been identified by RMN Iloilo as Lastin Joy Opao who also goes by her other name, Khatte Opao. She is reportedly a resident of Barangay Ilabas, Sibalom in Antique province.

Opao was arrested during a buy-bust operation in Brgy. Kasing-kasing in Molo wherein two sachets of suspected shabu (metamphetamine hydrochloride) have been found in her possession.

According to the report, Opao claimed to know another suspect named Jandee Paches who was earlier nabbed by Jaro police with five sachets of illegal drugs.

Meanwhile, netizens expressed regret over Opao, whom they described as “pretty”; saying why she did she have to resort to illegal activities when she could easily find a more decent job with her good looks.

Other said they should not judge her so quickly as they have no idea what motivated her to use illegal drugs. However, many agreed she should be given another chance as she is still young and deserves a second shot at life.

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RMN Iloilo