Alleged foreign intel reports used as evidence against her might be from planet Mars or Jupiter, says Sen. De Lima

  • Senator Leila De Lima doubted the existence of foreign intelligence reports against her
  • She said the foreign intel might be from planet Mars or Jupiter
  • De Lima called her colleagues in the senate gullible

Jailed Senator Leila De Lima is demanding the government that details of the supposed foreign intelligence reports used as evidence in illegal drug charges against her be made public. She said in a handwritten message dated March 16, 2017 that the so-called foreign intel might as well be from the planet Mars or Jupiter.

“Foreign intel? It might as well be from the planet Mars or Jupiter,” the senator wrote.

She said she highly doubts the existence of the intelligence report.

“I highly doubt whether there’s such a US intel. If there is, it must be a spurious one or based from a highly dubious or polluted source or sources,” she continued.

According to GMA, it was Senator JV Ejercito who disclosed that the alleged internationally-supplied intelligence report was discussed during the Senators’ dinner with President Rodrigo Duterte in Malacañang on Tuesday, March 14.

Ejercito mentioned that during the dinner, the President said the internationally-supplied intelligence reports are evidence that the charges against De Lima were not trumped up.

Calling her colleagues in the Senate gullible, Senator De Lima reiterated that she has “absolutely nothing to do with the illegal drug trade.”

“May I assure my gullible colleagues and the people that I have absolutely nothing to do with the illegal drug trade,” she concluded her letter.