Brave 4-year-old girl walks subzero Siberian wilderness for 3 hours to save dying grandma

  • A 4-year-old girl from Tuva has been hailed a hero for trekking the dangerous Siberian forest in subzero temperature
  • The child walked 5 miles for three hours to seek help for her dying grandmother
  • Unfortunately, the grandmother died but the girl is safe and is now recovering in a hospital

A 4-year-old girl from the Republic of Tuva has been hailed a hero for walking the Siberian wilderness in -33 degrees Celsius temperature just to save her dying grandmother.

In early February, Saglana Salchak was sent by her blind grandfather to ask for help from their nearest neighbor which is about five miles away. She has been living with her grandparents in a remote farm near the Mongolian border.

Her own mother and stepfather were attending to a herd of horses in another part of the region.

About 6:00 am last February 8, she woke up and found her 60-year-old grandmother gravely sick. She then took on the task to seek help from their nearest neighbor.

Armed only with a match she needed to light a fire along the way, Saglana set on a trek early morning in the -33o C. The road is known to be filled with wolves, but the courageous girl left anyway.

She just followed a frozen river and walked for three hours before reaching their neighbor. She would have missed the house because of the surrounding undergrowth had not someone spotted her.