Brave 4-year-old girl walks subzero Siberian wilderness for 3 hours to save dying grandma

The neighbor quickly traveled back to Saglana’s grandmother but they found her already dead; apparently from heart attack.

Meanwhile, the child was taken to the hospital after catching cold and is currently recovering. She has since been hailed a hero for her bravery.

“Tuva has simply filled up with wolves. They eat the livestock – the herders moan about them. She could have easily stumbled on a pack in the darkness,” said Semyon Rubtsov; head of the regional search and rescue group.

Saglana with her mother| Image by Yury Darbaa/The Siberian Times

“You can’t easily impress residents of the remote Tere-Kholsky district with extreme stories about taiga life. Nonetheless, the incident several days ago amazed even the old-timers in Kungurtug, the district centre,” an online story said of the girl’s extraordinary feat.

In an interview with local newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, Saglana said she never felt afraid traveling the wilderness all by herself.

“I just walked, walked and got there,” she said; admitting that she felt hungry ‘though.

Meanwhile, an investigative committee has filed a criminal case against her mother for allegedly leaving a minor in danger. She has yet to return in May.