British Pinoy at Heart Conlan pushes for Duterte votes in Time’s ‘Most Influential People in the World 2017’ poll

President Rodrigo Duterte is still leading in an online poll by the Time magazine for its annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

The latest poll results show Duterte leading; taking 4% of the online vote, at 76 percent, as of posting by ABS CBN, and British Pinoy at heart Malcolm Conlan is making sure that Filipinos around the world are aware of that.

The Philippine president has made international headlines with his war against drugs which has attracted commendations and criticisms from various groups.

While there are staunch critics on the president’s war campaign to eliminate drugs in the country, specifically linking him to alleged extrajudicial killings, there are those who find depth in his decisions and his guts to openly fight the drug menace which has reportedly affected more than 3 million Filipinos; something that previous administrations have seemingly failed to address as an alarming top concern.

One of those who has acknowledged President Duterte’s strong  political will to bring about change in the country is no other than Mal Conlan; a British man living in the UK and married to a Filipina for almost two decades.

Having two Filipino-British children and being a frequent traveler to the country, he has learned to love the Philippines and its people as his very own. Tagged as “Pinoy by heart” and ‘Defender of the Filipinos’ by netizens because he has developed great concern and love for the people and the country’s culture, he has earned the respect and admiration of many Pinoys globally; moreso when he pledged his support to the 16th president as per a previous Kicker Daily story.

He has stressed a number of times in the past that ‘the overwhelming majority of the Filipino people are a hardworking, caring, friendly, happy people who wish no harm to any other people or nation’ and that he believes the world would be lost without the Filipino people.

As such, Conlan kept track of the campaigns, the recent election and continues to involve himself in matters involving the country as he considers himself a member of the Filipino community.

In an interview with Kicker Daily, Conlan stressed that much remains to be done for the country but he sees Duterte as truly a man of action and will power and that’s why a great majority of Filipinos believe in him despite the many threats to put him down. The task is so huge yet Digong is more than adamant to improve the lives of his people; “Itataya ko ang buhay ko” as per his words.

It is therefore no surprise at all to find the British Pinoy  promoting an online poll where his admired president is presently leading, as of posting.

On his Facebook wall, he is urging Pinoys globally to VOTE for President Rodrigo ROA Duterte as Time Magazine’s Most Influential Person of the Year 2017.

Why I believe Filipinos around the globe should be voting for President Rodrigo Duterte as Time Magazine Top 100 person of the year 2017?

Earlier today, someone from the Anti-Duterte camp told me that as I was not a Filipino voter, I should not vote in this process, this has made me even more determined to help the campaign for the Philippine President to win the top spot.

Right now, PRRD is on by Top Spot with 3% of the vote. However he now ties with 4 other personalities as the votes roll in. Just as much as there is a camp supporting the President, there is also a camp voting against.

1. We are all entitled to Free Speech. It’s my Facebook wall and as long as I am not insulting others, I have the right to post what I want.

2. President Duterte through his ‘War On Drugs’ has lead to reduction of close to a million addicts in the country. According to a recent BBC documentary, there are Rehabilitation centres being built across the country.

3. DU30 is a humble man who is happy to welcome fellow Filipinos into his home in Davao, this happened only today, when he was interviewed by some ordinary Filipinos. Couldn’t see our Prime Minister doing that ?

4. President Duterte has been on a number of overseas visits since taking office, many of such visits have led to massive investment into the Philippines.

5. Under President Duterte there seems to be a marked reduction in Corruption. Crime is down, I have heard so many stories from OFW’s going home, telling me that they felt safer now and are excited to go home.

These are just some of the reasons why I would encourage you to vote for President Rodrigo R Duterte as Time Magazine Person of the Year 2017.

To make sure no one gets lost on the net, Conlan has posted the link >>>

Voting on the online poll closes at 11:59 p.m. E.T. on April 16 and the final result will be released on April 20.

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