Cebu road rage suspect claims “self-defense” in shooting nurse

  • Cebu road rage suspect surrendered to authorities early morning Tuesday
  • The lawyer claimed self-defense for his client in the shooting of a nurse
  • The suspect was supposedly only prompted to shoot the victim after being threatened by the nurse and his two other ‘bigger’ companions

MANILA, Philippines – Cebu road rage suspect David Lim Jr. finally surrendered on Tuesday morning to the Police Regional Office 01 (Central Visayas); two days after allegedly shooting nurse Ephraim Nuñal following a traffic altercation.

But Lim’s lawyer, Atty. Orlando Salatandre, said the viral video did not tell the whole story and appears to have been edited.

Salatandre said his client had no intention to shoot Nuñal but was only prompted to do so because he was threatened by being overpowered by the victim who, he claims, had companions inside the car.

The video that went viral only showed the scenes where the two men were engaged in a heated argument that led to Lim shooting Nuñal.

However, Salatandre said his client told him he was driving his Mercedes Benz and there were two cars behind which kept on honking at them. Lim, at that time, was with his girlfriend identified as Tamae Takahashi.

This prompted Lim to confront Nuñal and his two other ‘bigger’ companions. A brawl reportedly ensued, and Lim, who feared of being overpowered by the three men, went back to his car to get his gun.

This was, however, not shown in the viral video and Lim’s camp said they will provide a clip which is complete.

In the video that circulated online, it only showed the verbal exchange between the two men before Lim shoots Nuñal with a caliber .22 pistol.

The victim sustained gunshot wounds to his left thigh and right ankle.

Salatandre appeals to the public not to judge his client so quickly based only on the viral video.

“There was no intention to hurt the victim. But he kept on coming near David, so my client was forced to shoot him in the legs to disable him,” he said.

The lawyer also urged the owner of the clip to provide the complete video of the incident.

The viral video: