Cesar Montano faces complaints over ‘irregularities’ at Tourism board

  • The TPB employees has accused COO Cesar Montano of committing ‘irregularities’
  • Montano allegedly hired many of his friends and relatives to some positions in the board
  • He was also accused of signing contracts without the recommendation and approval of the board

MANILA, Philippines – Actor Cesar Montano has been accused of mismanaging the Tourism Promotion Board (TPB), the agency under the Department of Tourism (DOT) he was appointed to head as Chief Operating Officer (COO) in December last year.

The complaint was filed by employees of the TPB before the Presidential Action Center (PACE) early this month.

The 7-page complaint sheet contains 24 alleged irregularities committed by Montano during his first few months with the board.

Among these are the allegations that Montano hired not only his relatives like Priza Cinco, brother Rommel Montano and distant in-law Cliffer Mendoza to some positions, but also his stuntmen, gardener and personal assistant.

Also, the actor allegedly signed a contract worth P11.2M with Carat Philippines in a show where he himself performed with his nieces last month.

The employees said Montano would sometimes lock his room and can be heard playing guitar inside. He was also accused of converting the TPB Board Room and executive lounge into an exclusive area for his bodyguards.

“His level of retention and absorption is very low. He has difficulty understanding presentations, flow charts and figures. Instead, he wants visuals. He would leave the meetings even if not yet adjourned,” the complaint read.

“Documents are piled up in his room because he does not know what to do. Notably, most if not all Bids and Awards Committee Resolutions, Notice of Award and Notice to Proceed are still in his office awaiting for his signature,” it added.

Furthermore, Montano was alleged to have signed sponsorship contracts for shows like the February 25 Luneta rally  and the “Jadine United States and United Arab Emirates Concert Tour 2017” by Viva Communications without the proper recommendation and approval of the board.

The TPB employees said they have lost trust and confidence in Montano’s leadership and hope to find a competent and able leader in his place.