[COMMENTARY] Sandra Cam: Gorging on the “Dipping Sauce”

Could committing bum steer while gorging on the “dipping sauce” of everything leery and scandalous be a new criterion now to get a cabinet post? This could be true of Sandra Cam.

Showing tantrums that she was not accorded the same privilege as that of a Cabinet Secretary while at the VIP Lounge of the NAIA, she boasted that she will be appointed as one in three months, even dropping the name of Bong Go, Duterte’s Executive Assistant, as per reports.

Sandra Cam catapulted into the limelight when she confessed in the Senate Investigation in 2005, that she was a bag-woman of the “Jueteng Lords”, delivering money to the then Pampanga Rep. Juan Miguel “Mikey” Arroyo, and his uncle Ignacio Arroyo. She implicated, too, the First Gentleman Arroyo. The Arroyos denied the accusation.

That began Sandra Cam notoriety.

Sandra Cam busy bodying engagement into “dipping sauce” get real tractions during Pinoy’s time. She cultivated, nourished, and waged indefatigable war against Leila de Lima, the then Secretary of Justice, up until she became a Senator to her incarcerations.

It seemed Sandra Cam was obsessed pinning down de Lima. She fiddled and peddled purported affair of Cezar Mancao to de Lima.

As head of the Whistleblower Association of the Philippines, she tried to block de Lima’s nomination as Secretary of Justice.

And now, on Duterte’s time, she dipped her hand on Ronnie Dayan. She even built up a rapport to high valued prison inmates who testified against de Lima. And for some reason, her hand reached up to Kerwin Espinosa. How in the world she’s always on the scene…in the “dipping sauce!”

It was with Kerwin Espinosa that Sandra Cam committed her gravest bum steer from all of that she was guilty of. She intuited Kerwin told her, two Senators are involved in getting payola from him for his drug protection. De Lima, her nemesis, obviously, was one, and the other, she still has to mention but never did.

Duterte said, if Sandra Cam asks for a government job, she can get one because of Duterte’s debt of gratitude to her for helping in his presidential campaign, but that depends on how people judge her for her conduct at the airport, and if there is a job available for her.

Sandra Cam’s haughty attitude at the airport is probably her way of telling Duterte, she needed a job, as her prize for making de Lima her “dipping sauce” to advance her career from the head of the Whistleblower Association of the Philippines, as she didn’t win a Senate seat.