De Lima slams ‘evil’ Sandra Cam: “She must be exposed and jailed”

  • Senator Leila De Lima lambasted Sandra Cam’s impending appointment to the Cabinet
  • De Lima’s remark came amid Cam’s recent NAIA controversy
  • The senator said Cam should be investigated and put to jail
Image from De Lima’s Facebook post

MANILA, Philippines – Amid Sandra Cam’s NAIA VIP Lounge controversy, her staunch enemy, Senator Leila De Lima, has decried the whistleblower’s alleged impending appointment to President Rodrigo Duterte’s Cabinet.

Cam recently hogged the headlines following her reported outburst at NAIA where she allegedly bragged about being appointed to the Cabinet soon and even dropped the name of Bong Go, Duterte’s special assistant.

In an Inquirer story, Cam supposedly blew her top after not being accorded with VIP treatment and was even asked to pay P1,200 for using the lounge, which is normally free for government officials.

Meanwhile, De Lima described Cam as an ‘evil’ woman who deserves to rot in jail and not be appointed to a government position.

In a handwritten note posted on her Facebook account, the detained senator said the controversial whistleblower must not be allowed to hold a government post, and should instead be investigated for ‘nefarious activities’.

Image from De Lima’s Facebook post

“Credible sources say she has managed to get involved in all these years, such as swindling, illegal gambling and even drugs,” De Lima wrote.

“This evil of a woman must be exposed, prosecuted and jailed,” she added.

The lawmaker also accused Cam, along with other “shady characters” and “operators”, of playing a major role in the demolition job against her which, among others, include harassment, coercion, and blackmail.

She said Cam’s impending appointment to the Cabinet is the reward from Duterte for her participation in the plot to destroy her.

“Mission accomplished, hence the impending reward to be bestowed upon her by her principal. That’s the ‘debt of gratitude’ alluded to by Duterte. Because of that ‘special’ relationship with the tyrant, Sandra Cam thinks and acts she is untouchable,” the senator said.