DJ Papa Jack, now ‘Papa J’ of Energy FM, reveals reason for leaving Love Radio

  • Popular disc jockey John Gemperle is now part of Energy FM as Papa J
  • Gemperle, more popularly known as Papa Jack, stayed at Love Radio for 12 years
  • In a press conference, he finally revealed his reason for leaving Love Radio last December

Popular disc jockey John Gemperle, formerly called Papa Jack, has revealed the reasons why he left Love Radio; the radio station he worked for in the past 12 years.

In an article written by Keneth Quinto of LionhearTV, Gemperle, one of the most prominent DJs in the Philippines, said his former radio station planned to move his program to a different time slot.

“The management was supposed to move me to different time slot, which in my heart, I cannot deliver in full potential. So I asked the management, ‘Sir, final na po ba? Final na? Well, if it’s final, I will (be) tendering my resignation,” he revealed.

He, on the other hand, admitted that he waited for the management to stop him from resigning since he was with the radio station for 12 years. However, no one stopped him from leaving the company.

“Looking back nu’ng mga araw na ‘yon, I didn’t want to go…. Lahat ng kaibigan mo nandu’n. Lahat. I stayed longer hours in the office than in my own house,” he added.

[Looking back on those days, I didn’t want to go. All of my friends are there. Everyone.]

Last time

Gemperle made his last broadcast on December 16; announcing his departure without citing any reason for leaving.

“It’s a very scary path and road for me…. Siguro may mga prinsipyo na hindi natin kaya isuko. Mami-miss ko kayo. I will miss Papa Jack…. It’s been a good 12 years of having Papa Jack on air,” he said during his last day as Love Radio’s Papa Jack.

[It’s a very scary path and road for me…. Maybe there are principles that we just cannot give up. I will miss you. I will miss Papa Jack…. It’s been a good 12 years of having Papa Jack on air.]

Before leaving, Gemperle asked a favor from his listeners.

“Sinuman ang maupo sa programang ito, subukan n’yo pong mahalin kagaya ng pagmamahal ninyo sa akin,” he said.

[Whoever will take my slot in this program, please try to love whoever it is the same way you have loved me.]

Now, Gemperle said he is really happy to be part of Energy FM as Papa J. Watch: