Duterte receives Rooster Painting and Family portrait as birthday gifts from Chinese Ambassador

Born on March 28, 1945, the 1st Mindanaoan President of the Philippines celebrated his 72nd birthday on Tuesday.

In a meeting held Monday, 27th of March, at Davao Presidential Guest House, Duterte received two paintings as gift from Chinese Ambassador Zhao Jianhua.

The first one is a rooster which, according to Chinese Culture, is a symbol of bravery, competitiveness, honesty, and punctuality; while the second one is a portrait that shows a picture of the 1st family — the president, his common-law wife former beauty queen Honeylet Avanceña, and their daughter Veronica Duterte.

The Chinese ambassador not only handed Digong birthday presents, but also gave him a formal invitation for Pres. Duterte to visit China again.

During the March 27 meeting between Duterte and Zhao, security issues were the main topic that was talked upon. According to the Palace, they discussed about how to carefully handle the territorial dispute over the South China Sea.

When Pres. Duterte became the president, he did not only bring home the bacon for large investments from China, but at the same time ironed out the heat of dispute over the South China Sea, especially for the Filipino Fishermen.

The President has always said that the Philippines cannot match the power of China, and is neither in a position to declare war; however, he assures to confront or make things happen in case China gives a motive to extract resources (specifically oil and uranium) at the disputed areas.