#EpicRide? BF tries to stop his girl’s trousers from falling down … and fails

Thinking of something fun and memorable for a night date?

You may be up for an exciting and thrilling activity for the two of you, so ensure you dress appropriately… especially if you’re planning to take challenging rides at a carnival.

Well, everyone loves carnivals; who doesn’t?   This young Costa Rican couple decided to spend their night in one of the fun fairs. Excited as they were, after tirelessly trying out a few rides, La Tagada was their next choice. It’s a circular ride where people sit and hold to the vertical bar handle around it while they’re being spun and tossed a little.

What happened next was hilarious.

While desperately holding on to the bars, the girl started to panic when she felt her pants were rubbing against the seat causing it to fall down slowly.

Upon realizing that his woman was in great distress, her boyfriend immediately tried to stop the trousers from falling down further – while managing to still hold on to the steel bars – and used his legs to cover her sensitive part and save her from further humiliation.

However, the opposite happened; he accidentally pushed her on top of the rider beside her, just in time for the Tagada’s turn for the up and down bouncing motion. Really, dude? As the pants were slowly going down and still trying to keep her cool, she was kicked off her seat by her boyfriend displaying her bare behind; revealing she’s wearing nothing underneath.

This may be an old clip but  just a reminder! Never ever go on a ride with loose pants (especially if it’s low waist!), and don’t forget to wear your undies!

Click the image to watch the hilarious video posted by CrapBuzz on You Tube.
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