EU summons PH envoy to explain Duterte’s ‘unacceptable’ remarks

  • The European Union has summoned the PH envoy to explain Duterte’s latest outburst
  • Duterte earlier ‘threatened’ to hang the EU leaders for criticizing his war on drugs
  • He also lambasted the organization for interfering in the country’s affair especially on the issue of death penalty

MANILA, Philippines – The European Union (EU) is demanding an explanation from the Philippine envoy following President Rodrigo Duterte’s recent outburst wherein he was quoted as threatening to ‘hang’ the EU leaders who criticized his anti-illegal drugs campaign.

On Monday, an EU official said they are summoning the Philippines Chargé d’Affaires to Belgium Alan Deniega to explain Duterte’s latest tirades.

“This afternoon, the European External Action Service asked the Chargé d’Affaires of the Philippines, Mr Alan Deniega, to come to the EEAS this afternoon for a meeting with Deputy Secretary General, Jean-Christophe Belliard, as we wanted to receive an explanation for the recent, unacceptable comments of President Duterte,” said Maja Kocijancic, spokesperson of the European Union External Action (EUEA).

Earlier, Duterte lambasted the EU for interfering in the affairs of the ASEAN and of some of the countries like Malaysia and Thailand, especially on the issue of death penalty. He said the organization is pressuring these countries but do not want to speak out.

“Eh ‘di ako na ang magsabi sa inyo, puro kayo [expletives]. Sino bang gustong pumatay especially your countrymen?” Duterte said. [So I’ll be the one to speak out, you are all [expletives]. Who would want to kill, especially your own countrymen?]

 “I will just be happy to hang you…If I have the preference, I’ll hang all of you…You are putting us down. You are exerting pressure in every country na may [where there is] death penalty,” he added.

He also chided EU for suggesting to the government to build clinics where illegal drugs would be easily dispensed to addicts.

“[Expletives], they want us to build clinics, then we should, instead of arresting or putting them in prison like in other countries, you go there and if you want shabu they will inject you or give you shabu,” Duterte said in a speech before Filipino-Chinese businessmen.

“Then if you want cocaine, they will give you cocaine and if they want heroin, they will give you heroin,” the President added.

The EU, however, vehemently denied, making such a suggestion.