Ex-DFA Sec. Yasay says he respect all critics who spoke ill against him

Former Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. said via a Facebook  post on March 8 that he respects all his critics who spoke ill against him because it is a reality that goes with the country’s territory and its democracy.

Yasay was disqualified from his nomination as DFA Secretary after lawmakers on Wednesday ruled that he lied to them about his American citizenship.

But Yasay on his statement via FB said he didn’t lie in responding to the issues against him before the Commission on Audits (CA).

He, meanwhile, said he faithfully performed his role in the service in the best way that he know — with honor, dedication, fairness, competence despite tremendous activities and challenges.

The lawmaker thanked his friends and family members for the support and prayers during his his term as Foreign Affairs Secretary.

After his disqualification, Yasay said there is a better life for him beyond the rejection of his appointment – doing his favorites such as spending more time with family or get his hair trimmed.

He encouraged the Filipino people to support President Rodrigo Duterte and act together in order to achieve our national goal as one nation under one flag.

Yasay stated; the President does not encourage or promote vigilantism, anarchy or taking the law in the people’s hands on his call to the Filipinos but to promote patriotic duties with honor and seriousness in the fight against illegal drugs, corruption, lawlessness, and criminality. It is to ask the people to do what they can for the country.

Read Yasay’s full statement below:

To all of my friends and family members:

Thank you all for your support and prayers during the 8 months that I have served as Secretary of Foreign Affairs. Let me assure you that despite the tremendous difficulties and challenges that we faced as we hit the ground running, I faithfully did my duties and responsibilities in the service of our country the best way I could, the best way I know how, with honor, dedication, fairness, competence, dignity and respect.

I may not have pleased everyone in what I did or did not do.But who ever said that serving the country was about getting everyone to agree with you. If that is the objective of public service then sadly, no one will ever succeed. Indeed, serving the country is not a popularity contest

I respect even all my critics who spoke ill of me. That is a reality that goes with the territory and is important in our democracy where the mechanisms of checks and balances continue to be firmly in place.

There is a better life for me beyond the rejection of my appointment by the Commission on Appointments. Among other favorite things I can do freely is to have more time with family and a haircut.

For the record I did not a lie in responding to the issues raised against me before the CA contrary to what my partisan political detractors have claimed in the pursuit of their interest or agenda..I am at peace with everything that I said, and I leave it to God – my refuge and my strength – to judge me on that score.

I rest comfortably in the succinct words of wisdom of a dear friend that when politicians accuse you of not telling the truth, be of good cheer for they are lying.

I know that God has even greater plans for me and he is not done with me yet.

For now we must all remember that our president, Mayor Duterte, who is singularly tasked with the greatest and most complex and difficult duty of all, needs the support of all our people, who must act together to achieve our national goals as one nation under one flag.

When he recently called upon all Filipinos to take on their patriotic duties with honor and seriousness in the fight against illegal drugs, corruption, lawlessness and criminality, it was not to encourage or promote vigilantism, anarchy or taking the law in their hands. It was a rallying call to arms not any different from what an American leader much revered in in the days of my youth solemnly declared: “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.