[Video] Gloria Diaz, Bongbong Marcos respond to online bashers with a laugh

On Isabelle Daza’s web series “Haters Gonna Hate”, she invited her iconic Miss Universe 1969 mom Gloria Diaz, and her godfather Ferdinand “Bongbong” Romualdez Marcos Jr. and other artists to read aloud and respond to some humiliating comments from online bashers.

Instead of being mad, or the usual scene that we see now on social media — throwing mud thru posts and statuses and typically responding to people who know nothing but degrade others; Miss Gloria and Bongbong actually just gave it a laugh, like —  so what, or yes that’s me!

“May NAIA 4 na daw, nasa noo ni Gloria Diaz,” Diaz reads aloud smiling. While Marcos got, “Bong Marcos, nasaan ang kilay mo”? You could actually feel the sincerity of Marcos’ laughter when he just replied, “Nakatulog ako, siguro na ahi-hi-hi, yung ah, nadilaan ng aso ko nawala ahaha-ha.” [I might have fallen asleep, then my dog licked it, so now it disappeared.]

Haters Gonna Hate Episode 6

Haters Gonna Hate new season! Lol ?

Posted by Isabelle Daza on Monday, March 20, 2017

Like childish acts to annoy a classmate’s physical appearance, these netizens could be seen everywhere on posts and comments section if you use social media on a daily routine. Childish acts that deserve an equally childish reaction but in a witty and sarcastic way.

Other lines thrown at the celebrities include:

Why do you always look like you’re constipated?”

Nobody told me Bong Bong Marcos was in the hangover

Gloria Diaz is hot, 40 years ago.”

Aside from Gloria Diaz and BBM, Isabelle Daza’s closest friends, host Raymond Gutierrez and photographer BJ Pascual were also asked to respond to rude posts about them.