In response to the viral post, story behind the monobloc chair in Encantadia scene revealed

  • The real story behind the presence of a monobloc chair in an Encantadia scene was finally revealed
  • On its Facebook page, Encantadia clarified that the circulating photo was a screenshot from raw material
  • In the final episode that was aired on March 1, the monobloc chair has already been edited out, it was disclosed

There is nothing unusual in seeing a monobloc chair in a television (TV) show — except when you are watching a telefantasya (fantasy TV series) like Encantadia.

Recently, a photo of a monobloc chair which was spotted in an Encantadia scene went viral online; getting a lot of comments which are either questioning the telefantasya’s production or making fun of it.

“Hindi mukhang rushed ang #Encantadia2016,” read Meanwhile in the Philippines page’s sarcastic caption on the photo it posted on March 2.

Encantadia, on the other hand, came out to explain its side using its official Facebook page.

“Avisala! This is to clarify that the photo used on the meme below is a raw material. The chair was on standby for the artists to use whenever they are waiting for their scenes or blocking. This photo was not part of the actual episode that aired on television last March 1, 2017. You may check it on Iflix to verify. Avisala eshma! Encantadia,” the official statement said.

On the comments section, the page further stated: “Just because it was on Youtube doesn’t mean it was aired exactly that way. Encantadia is not even in widescreen format on TV. That’s why we clarified that it was a raw material. The raw material was mistakenly uploaded on Youtube. But in the final edit that was aired, that chair was not there…. In the final edit that was aired on television, the chair was edited out already.”

Head writer Suzette Severo Doctolero also commented on the viral post saying, “‘Di yan ipinalabas. Check mo sa eps at wala ‘yan. Ewan sinong ungas naglabas ng outtakes.”

[That wasn’t aired. You may check the episode and you won’t find that there. I don’t know if who was responsible of uploading the outtakes.]

Well, perhaps netizens just need some laughs every now and then?

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