Inside Story: Selfless Father in viral photo gets inspiration from his father, “Siya talaga ang idol ko”

The photo of a selfless father watching his two daughters enjoy their Jolly meal went viral recently on social media. The story doesn’t end there though.

The selfless man on the photo claimed that what he is now he got from his idol — his father.

“Kung paano ako inalagaan ng tatay ko, gano’n din ang ginagawa ko ngayon,” he said to ABS-CBN.

As per an ABS-CBN News story, it was disclosed that Ryan Arebuabo, 38, learned the meaning of unconditional love from his father who alone took care of them after their mother died.

Even now, Arebuabo said his father still works as a jeepney driver to help him and his children. In his free time, the admirable father does the laundry for the Ryan and his two daughters; considering that the younger Arebuabo had a stroke about four years ago.

The industriousness and care from his father, that’s what Arebuabo admires most, he said.

“Siya talaga ang idol ko,” he said; adding that his father sacrificed a lot for him and his siblings — especially for his family.

According to him, a father is also tasked to make sure that his children will achieve their dreams aside from providing food on the table.

Arebuabo wants his daughters to finish their studies so as to achieve his hope that one day they will rise from slums.

As narrated Arebuabo, the photo that went viral was taken after he decided to bring his children to Jollibee to celebrate one of his children’s upcoming graduation.

Both of his daughters ordered their favorite chicken joy that costs about Php100 as per Balita DF, while the father, due to lack of money, just enjoyed watching his kids eat with gusto.

Arebuabo is a stroke victim – allegedly the reason why his wife left him. Arebuabo, as narrated by his sister Ria, tried to get his wife back a couple of times – even renovated their house and bought a 2nd-hand TV. His efforts, however, proved futile.

Luckily, he succeeded in getting custody of their children.

Arebuabo, with his daughters Rose May (6, Kindergarten) and Rose Ann (8, Grade 2) lives in a small shanty made of used-plywood and rusty iron sheets.

Despite his condition, he continuously strives to be a loving father. He manages a small cart store provided by DSWD in order to be able to feed and send his children to school. They are also recipients of an assistance fund given by the government  through 4Ps (Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program), as told in the ABS CBN story.

He was almost incapacitated by stroke, yes, but his spirit remains strong as ever.  Life will get better.